Immersion blender broken? Get your items repaired for free during Repair Café Genk on November 25

It happens to the best of us: a blender that suddenly stops working, an inexplicable hole in that new sweater, or a mysterious defect in your vacuum cleaner. Fortunately, there is no reason to panic, because the repair café in Genk offers a useful solution. Every fourth Saturday of the month, an enthusiastic team of volunteers is ready to carry out a wide range of repairs for you.

The concept of the Fix Café has now become known around the world and provides the perfect opportunity to put an end to our culture of neglect. Instead of writing off your valuables, you give them a second life and contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. How it works? Just bring your defective items, get a tracking number, and have a nice chat or drink while you wait.

The best part of all? This service is completely free. You only pay for any spare parts, as they are not normally stored. Do you already know what’s wrong with your item? Then bring the appropriate spare part. Is the problem ambiguous? Then the repairmen will sort it for you. If you need a particular item that you don’t have with you, you can always bring it back next time. Simple, right?

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