Improved Windows and Linux experience on Mac devices with Parallels Desktop 19

Parent company Alludo has released Parallels Desktop 19, which includes upgrades for the Windows and Linux VM.

Parallels Desktop 19 launched this week. Alludo for Mac promises Number of upgrades to both Windows and Linux VM.

The most important innovations

Shared Print became useless after modifications in MacOS Sonoma. There is a solution to this: printing from Windows is now done via the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). According to Parallels, this is the most popular method at the moment anyway. The engineers also work on any additional printing jobs.

It is also now possible to sign in to Windows and install Parallels Desktop using Touch ID. If you password protect Windows 10 or 11, it will be saved to your Mac Keychain after upgrading to Parallels Desktop 19. There the password will be secured with your fingerprint via Touch ID. If you wish, you can simply go back to your old login, simply using the password.

OpenGL image creator support has been extended to version 4.1. This is particularly good news for those who do technical drawing, as more CAD software for Windows can run on Mac. This includes VariCAD, Deswik.CAD, and Vectorworks Vision 2023.

For geography professionals, Parallels Desktop 19 is also a better performer with AcrGIS Pro. This is a data analysis software with which you can create 2D maps and 3D scenes.

Installing a MacOS VM on an Apple processor should also be easier with Parallels Desktop 19. There are also additional features, such as basic VM operations and intuitive two-finger trackpad operation.

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Parallels Desktop 19 also sees a closer collaboration with software company HashiCorp, with improvements to the Packer image generator’s Parallels Provider. As an additional commitment to open source, Parallels also provides a number of free Packer templates to simplify the process of onboarding new customers. These templates can be found on GitHub and are compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

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Microsoft gives Parallels Desktop the blessing to run Windows 11 on Mac

For developers using x86 Docker containers or Microsoft SQL Server on a Mac with Apple silicon, there is a new Ubuntu Linux Arm VM. which are configured to run x86 Docker containers using Apple’s Rosetta 2 technology. You can download this virtual machine in the Free systems section of the installation assistant.

This version looks not only to the present, but to the near future as well. For example, Parallels Desktop 19 will be compatible with the upcoming macOS Sonoma upgrade.

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