Improvements in optical route routing increase performance

Updates to the high-performance Visar Sortop optical carrot sorter bring greater efficiency, accuracy and quality to carrot packers around the world. As the UK distributor of the Swiss-made optical carrot and potato sorting machine, vegetable processing equipment manufacturer Tang Engineering is delighted to bring the Visor Sorttop update to UK growers and processors.

“Making the entire vegetable processing process more efficient, especially by replacing traditional sorting methods with the latest optical sorting options, is a focus for farmers and bakers. As an experienced supplier of optical sorting equipment, we want to offer our customers the most suitable and advanced optical sorting solutions for their specific needs,” Visar Sortop said. “The latest developments significantly reduce labor requirements, improve harvest utilization and reduce waste,” says Simon Lee, sales director at Tong Engineering.

Optical sorting for carrot and potato uses intelligent optical sorting technology based on 360 degree mirror system and HD camera for high speed high precision. The machine is designed to handle any shape of carrots and potatoes, even highly twisted products, and can detect defects with millimeter or gram precision.

One of the most important updates is new software with infrared vision, which increases the accuracy of detecting defects such as rot, damage or mouse damage. This has improved visibility to the head and end of the machine, where defects can often occur. In addition, the new software has a simplified user interface that controls the automatic and progressive learning of the machine, which defects are accepted or not. It is now even easier for the operator to fine-tune quality parameters and instant production and batch quality statistics are also available. With the new engine, 16 customizable outputs are available for maximum flexibility.

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It has a new feed system which greatly increases the sorting capacity per hour. The new feeding system is based on a unique design and features a simple and unique rotary system that intelligently and smoothly aligns all size carrots in one direction for proper feeding to optical sorting. With this new feed system, carrot rows can be viewed at speeds as low as 1.8 meters per second.

“The updates to the Visar have not only meant the machine is easier to use than before, but the machine’s detection capabilities have been further improved, with the introduction of a new feeding system significantly increasing performance. Having been operating Visar Sortop root graders for many years, it recently upgraded the infeed system to a new design and has seen a significant increase in performance.” Lee says.

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