Improving the quality of health and wellness at Eidsvåg

The new health center in Eidsvåg has been on the wish list for years and is ready for use. The past few days have been a frantic moving activity. Home care will be located in the new health centre, dental service will be done and doctors’ offices will open to patients on Monday, June 28. In addition, 16 apartments will be taken care of by its residents. Three floors with a total area of ​​3100 m² filled with good health and care services. No wonder Nesset cliffs are happy and proud.

The health center was called Nesit Health Centre. A way to distinguish belonging to the old group. There was some concern in what was then called Nise to start the health center before merging with the large municipality of Molde. The concern the skeptics had is actually unfounded, because during the preparations for the municipality of Nai Muldi, the construction of a new health center in Eidsvåg was accepted. Construction began in April last year, just four months after the municipal merger. An investment of up to 150 million NOK is offered today by the entire population of Molde.

Nysette Health Center is primarily the main base for its residents. Municipal services form the basis of health and welfare services in the municipality. The contrast is beautiful from the wretched building housing the medical services, to the new, bright and modern buildings where patient safety is ensured. New nearby nursing homes enable the Home Care Service to provide effective and high-quality assistance. In a municipality where the age structure is changing, investing in safe and high quality housing and care is the right way to go.

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Significant amounts have been invested in Eidsvåg in recent years. The Nessehallen multipurpose hall, completed four years ago, has given a boost to sporting and cultural life. Now the health center is complete. The old health center wing adjacent to the town hall will be demolished. The new health center then becomes more private, with connections to both the center and fjord views. The new health center is also a quality improvement, primarily for health services in Molde municipality, but also for Eidsvåg as a community centre.

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