Indian lander ‘sleeping’: ‘Hopefully it wakes up successfully’ | Sciences

“The vehicle has completed its mission and is now safely parked,” ISRO said. The lunar rover, which is looking for traces of frozen water, was launched on August 23. Meanwhile, she had already made some interesting discoveries, for example, she discovered traces of sulfur, iron, oxygen and some other elements. Operation Chandrayaan-3 has now ended after a full lunar day (about two weeks on Earth) and the rover has been put to sleep.

And in about two weeks, on September 22, ISRO will wake the rover up again. At this point the battery is fully charged. The solar panel is positioned to receive light at the next sunrise on September 22nd. The space agency says the receiver is still operational, and hopes that Chandrayaan-3 will “successfully pay attention to a new set of missions.”

She added that if the vehicle fails to restart, it will remain on the moon forever and serve as “India’s lunar ambassador”. Meanwhile, the data collected over the past few days has been sent back to Earth. Scientists will analyze these in the near future.

look. These are the first pictures of the Indian lunar lander’s march

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