Information technology short, including: “US justice is investigating Zoom’s purchase of a Chinese company”

Short information technology news today.

AG Connect provides an overview of today’s brief IT news below:

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According to the universities, the education plans of the outgoing government are putting constant and greater pressure on the quality of education. The OCW’s national budget is deficient and this affects the Netherlands’ standing as a knowledge country, according to critics.

Dutch universities are not satisfied with the plans of the Cabinet. Institutions say they are short of €1.1 billion this year and that “slow formation” will keep this going. “As a knowledge country, we will continue to decline, and the workload will increase even more,” says VSNU. According to Umbrella, “the quality of education and research will come under greater pressure.”

VSNU head of the union, former MP Peter Duisenberg, said in response to the budget of millions that a new government should be formed as soon as possible “investing in education and science”. The organization wants the new government to invest an additional 1.1 billion euros in universities. (ANP)

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The US Department of Justice is investigating the acquisition of Five9 by video conferencing service Zoom Video, according to The Wall Street Journal. It happens because of the Chinese ties that American Zoom enjoys.

Zoom owns a large portion of its software developers in China. However, the company is headquartered in Silicon Valley and CEO Eric Yuan, although born in China, has a US passport. Several investigations have been conducted in the past into relations with the government in Beijing.

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