Instagram: From now on you can pin three of your favorite posts to your profile

Instagram is busy updating the app. The competition with TikTok, among other things, continues to increase, so the app must take action. Instagram is currently testing a number of new features. And one of those features that has been tested is now available across all accounts. You can now view your favorite posts Install in your profile

Starting today, you can give your entire Instagram page a new look. The application comes with a new functionality, with which you can additionally highlight your favorite posts. For most people, the choice is to have the best vacation photos, but content creators can further highlight their favorite work.


Both exist tik tok as in Twitter It’s been around for a while, but now Instagram also comes with a “Vastpin” option. This option was already tested a while ago with a number of accounts, but now it’s really coming. In the app, you can highlight all your favorite stories at the top of your profile, but from now on you can also do this through posts. With the new feature, you can tag up to three posts, which will then appear first on your page.

Instagram users can find the new feature by clicking on the three dots at the top of the post. Then there is the “pin to your profile” option, so the post is highlighted. This way you can show your best side and give more attention to your most liked or valuable posts.

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Other updates

In addition to the new “Pin” function, Instagram is working on a number of updates. For example, he wants to focus more on creators who bring their original content to the app. Earlier this year, Instagram already made tagging more specifically, so that the right credits go to the right person. In addition, the application will also check if a file Pay subscriptions Will they invest in it? original reels

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