Instagram Pet Photos vs Tree: What’s Behind It?

How are Plant A Tree Co.’s pets promoted? Explode too big? A lot has to do with this infamous sticker that you can stick with your picture of your pet. It is an example of a file “Add yours” -sticker, which is a brand new feature that Instagram launched last week. This allows you as a user to make it public threads, story topics so to speak, start the “Story” on Instagram.

With this interactive add your photo sticker you can let others comment on your photo story using their own photo. This way you get a story series where people always respond to each other with pictures, for example, “Out of the day”. As a user, you will also get a permanent notification when people add a photo with the “Add Your Photo” sticker.

Planet A Tree I thought it was a good idea to start an action via the “Add You” sticker, but may have underestimated the impact. Pets always get a hit on social media, and who doesn’t care about the environment? It didn’t cost you a penny in this case either, all you have to do is post a picture of your pet, or you may have already done so.

By the way, the “Add Your Photo” sticker usually shows you who was behind the original post, but the “We’ll plant a tree for each pet photo” poster didn’t. Perhaps because Plant A Tree Co. Delete the original post after ten minutes.

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