Instagram Photographer Admits: “Almost Everything Is Made With Artificial Intelligence, People Don’t Really Exist” | Technique

Amnesty InternationalJos Avery, a photographer who posts stunning photos on Instagram, amassing nearly 27,000 followers, has admitted that his posts are actually generated using artificial intelligence. Only two real photos.

Avery admitted to the technology site Ars Technica. He saw that the account he posted on continued to grow and received very positive comments from followers. But he also realized that most visitors didn’t realize they were looking at an account with “fake” photos. He hid that too.

“I’ve had thousands of followers since October,” Avery said in response to the site. “Much more than I expected. 95 percent of my followers don’t realize they’re AI-generated images.”

The words “They all have a soul and some are human” can now be read on his account. © Josh Avery

A lot of work

Only two of the posts are actually real photos, the others were created by Midjourney’s AI software. He assures that every photo is carefully edited to make it look as real as possible. It also generates several images and then combines them.

“I currently have 160 posts on my Instagram,” he says. And for that, I first created 13,723 images. He said that the longer we hide the truth, the harder it becomes to be honest.

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