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News Item | 04-05-2023 | 12:59 p.m

Researchers are invited to submit proposals for this ‘Climate and Cultural Heritage (CCH): Collaborative Research to Address Urgent Challenges‘. On May 16, those interested can learn more about it call and thereby Competition preparation A platform to meet other researchers. Deadline September 8, 2023 to submit research proposals.

Initiators of this InternationalCollaborative Research Activity (CRA)‘ They are JPI Cultural Heritage and Global Change (JPI CH), it JPI linking climate knowledge for Europe (JPI Climate) and The Belmont Forum.

The call Focuses on the consequences of climate change for cultural heritage and potential contributions to sustainable development through climate adaptation, mitigation and knowledge of cultural heritage. What can we learn from the past to tackle climate-related transitional challenges? This is call Stimulates interdisciplinary research at the intersections of cultural heritage and climate change, promotes research community collaboration across regions, and contributes to knowledge development and heritage and climate policy at the global level.

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Applicants may submit research proposals in at least one of three call themes:

  • Effect of climate change on cultural heritage
  • Cultural heritage as a resource for climate mitigation and adaptation
  • Sustainable solutions for heritage

Informational meeting and online matchmaking site

On Tuesday, May 16, 2023, 12:00-13:00 CEST (Dutch time), an information webinar Place. Additionally, the International Calling Secretariat (Thematic Project Office) d call And those interested can ask questions. And that’s coming Competition preparation stage on that day reality, so researchers can meet each other digitally and form consortia in the coming months. Register for it webinar And can through the platform This Google Form.

More information about the terms of this call can be found on the website Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) or Belmont Forum. Or contact us at:

Budget and participating countries

It is proposed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science call €750,000 will be available through NWO. Dutch researchers in the social sciences and humanities can apply for a budget of up to €250,000 for a project period of up to 3 years (36 months) starting in the first half of 2024. An international, interdisciplinary research consortium consists of research partners. from at least three countries and at least one social partner.

For this call Funding is available in the following countries: Austria, France, Italy, Lithuania, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Czech Republic, USA, United Kingdom and Switzerland. In addition, financiers from the following countries can also make money available: Belgium, Brazil, Ireland, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey.

Background information

The call is derived from aWhite paperBoth jointly in March 2022 JPIs created and published, and from the joint Workshops Held in June and September 2022. The aim of these workshops is to map research priorities from Africa, North and South America and Asia.

National Institute of Cultural Heritage (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science) and the NWO Participating on behalf of the Netherlands JPICH. Together they contribute to the organization, strategy and way of working JPICH.

JPIwere established to coordinate national research efforts and support the implementation of the European Research Area (European Research Area) to tackle key societal challenges. They are flexible partnerships between countries aimed at better aligning national investments in research and innovation. Participating countries work together on a voluntary basis towards shared visions set out in strategic research and innovation agendas and implemented through collaborative activities.

The Belmont Forum is a group of research funders from around the world working together to support transdisciplinary, global research teams and co-creation on a variety of global sustainable change challenges.

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