iPadOS 16: Stage Manager will only work on iPads with M1

iPadOS 16 brings Stage Manager to your iPad. Unfortunately, not all models with the new operating system will use this feature.

Now that Apple’s WWDC is completely over, we’ve learned a lot of new things about the past few days iOSmacOS or iPadOS† With the announcement of the latter, the stage manager was announced. Feature – that Also to macOS Comes – makes it possible to access your open and important applications in an instant in a very clear way. Lots of fans are looking forward to Stage Manager, but unfortunately there is less good news.

theater manager

This lower quality news was revealed by Twitterer Rene Ricci† Ritchie is a huge fan of Apple and wondered if Stage Manager would work on all iPads getting iPadOS 16. Unfortunately, Apple had to disappoint us with its response. The feature will only be available on iPads equipped with the M1 chip. This concerns the new iPad Pro and iPad Air with the M1.

According to Apple, Stage Manager requires a “quick and responsive experience” that will allow you to run up to 8 apps simultaneously. Unfortunately, the slightly older Bionic chipset is not equipped for this, although it looks powerful enough. In combination with an external display, only the M1 iPad is capable of delivering the best experience.

Which iPad will get iPadOS 16?

As mentioned, you should not rely on Stage Manager if your iPad is greater than 2021† You can of course count on iPadOS 16 with other novelties if you have this model at home:

  • iPad Air: 3e generation and newer
  • iPad Pro: All generations
  • iPad Mini: 5e generation and newer
  • iPad 5e generation and newer
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Already want to start using the new version of iPadOS? Here you can read how this is possible

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