iPhone 13 also became a satellite phone

When you hear the word satellite phone, you probably think of a brick with an antenna. And so are we, which is why the rumors that the iPhone 13 will also work as a satellite phone are special. However, it comes from a source that is usually right: analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

according to KO she has Apple, together with Qualcomm, created a special 5G chip that supports not only modern cellular networks, but also calls and texts via satellite. This will allow iPhone users to access anywhere on earth. Even if there is no mobile phone coverage.

Apple has been working on satellite technology for some time

This rumor does not stand alone. will apple Already started in 2017 Research in satellite technology and focus On the team in 2019 That should come with a commercially deployable service within five years. The iPhone 13, expected in less than three weeks, may already be around for now. Kuo says the iPhone 13 uses a modified version of the Qualcomm X60 modem chip. This chip supports satellite communication.

The exact details are still unclear. For example, it is not known whether Apple wants to offer a special subscription for satellite telephony, or whether every iPhone will receive a small package. Selling a subscription fits well with the iPhone maker’s strategy. In recent years, Apple has been happy to sell services in addition to its products.

iridium satellite phone
Iridium modern satellite phone – click/tap to enlarge. (Photo: Iridium)

iPhone 13 from iPhone 14?

It will probably only include calling and texting via satellite. Although there is satellite internet, it requires hardware that is not compatible with the iPhone 13. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is experimenting His company Starlink Lately with satellite internet and even with a fairly large dish to be installed with a clear view, it’s very difficult.

What makes the rumors questionable is the timing. Work is already underway to support satellite communications. Rather, it is part of Version 17 of the 5G standard And Qualcomm, Apple’s supplier, works closely with Iridium and Globalstar. These two companies offer telephone and satellite internet. However, the aforementioned version of the 5G standard is still very new and subject to change. It would be a huge leap for Apple to incorporate this now. So maybe it’s not the iPhone 13, but the iPhone 14 will soon also be a satellite phone.

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Strange but plausible rumor: ‘iPhone 13 will also be a satellite phone’

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