iPhone 13 wireless charging is improved, and it can also be charged in reverse

After introducing MagSafe last year, Apple will be making improvements to the iPhone 13 and wireless charging. This also means that the chance of “reverse charging” is back in the picture.

Read on after the announcement.

Apple improves wireless charging for iPhone 13

Here’s what Max Weinbach says in a video from everything. Based on all of its sources iPhone 13Models get a larger wireless charging profile. This increases the surface area where the phone connects to the wireless charger.

In addition to reducing the time you have to find the perfect way to put the device on the charger, this will also enhance the strength of the MagSafe magnet. A godsend for MagSafe car holders, who iPhone 12 Now you lose weight easily when you drive over a bump in the road.

Still reverse charging in iPhone 13?

But the larger file makes it more possible than a more powerful version of MagSafe. It can also be used for reverse charging. This functionality is already present in a number of Android phones and allows accessories to be placed on the back of the phone. In theory, for example, you could put a box with AirPods on the back of the iPhone 13 to be able to quickly charge them on the road.

The reverse charging option actually appeared last year In countless rumors About the iPhone 12, but it was to be canceled at the last minute. Apple’s famous source Mark Gurman said earlier this year that reverse charging is currently Not on iPhone will be processed, But maybe in 2022 iPad Pro.

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This may relate to the high speed at which the battery drains when using this function. Since the iPad has a much larger battery capacity than the iPhone’s, the functionality on the Apple tablet will come on its own.

Do you want to know more about iPhone 13? Check out our video!

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