iPhone with Touch ID at the bottom of the screen? Don’t count on it

Still hoping to bring Touch ID back to iPhone? Unfortunately, the fingerprint scanner does not return at the moment. So says familiar Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo usually.

No iPhone with Touch ID in the near future

claimed last year ko However, Touch ID will return this, but in a different way than you might think. Apple will process Touch ID invisibly behind the screen. This will happen in the second half of 2023 at the earliest. But now the cards are shuffled differently, which is why it now comes in tweet Back to his words:

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“I previously expected iPhones to support Touch ID under the screen by 2023 at the earliest. But the latest research suggests that new iPhones in 2023 and 2024 may not get Touch ID. Face ID with face mask on iPhone is an excellent solution for measurements vitality.

Alternative to Face ID

Apple is said to have explored the capabilities of Touch ID under the screen. This fingerprint scanner in particular appears to be a solution to the mask problem – Face ID didn’t work initially when wearing a mask. But now Apple has a solution for that. where iOS 15.4 You can on the latest iPhones Face ID with mouth cover An alternative such as Touch ID is no longer necessary.

However, we think it would be nice to have Touch ID back, and then in combination with Face ID. So you can choose what you use. Or a combination of the two for added security. If Touch ID isn’t an on-screen option, Apple will likely manipulate the sensor into the on/off button. In the iPad Air And the mini This is already the case.

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Another iPhone with Touch ID

If you like Touch ID better than Face ID, there is another option. Apple currently has one iPhone with a home button in its range. This is a recent post iPhone SE 2022† Features the classic iPhone design with a home button, but with the latest 5G chip and chip. It costs 579 euros and you buy it via Apple And web stores like cool bluebol.com And the your mother

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