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Newly leaked documents show that Iran may be planning new strikes against US forces in Syria. This is what the Washington Post writes.

The newspaper notes that Iran is arming militants in Syria and is building and training forces to use bombs specifically designed to attack US military vehicles and kill American soldiers. Not only will the escalation endanger the lives of Americans in the region, it could lead to a more direct military confrontation with Iran.

Another leaked document shows that Russia, Syria and Iran are working together to expel the United States from Syria.

The United States maintains a military presence in Syria to stop the escalation of the Islamic State.

Russian, Iranian and Syrian officials reportedly met last year to agree on a “coordination center,” though according to the documents, Russia is not directly involved in planning the alleged bombing campaign, the Washington Post writes.

In March, a Department of Defense subcontractor was killed and five American soldiers were wounded in northeastern Syria when a drone believed to be from Iran struck a facility at a coalition base near Hasakah.

The United States, in turn, ordered attacks on facilities used by groups affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

President Biden said the United States would respond “strongly” to protect its personnel in the region, though he stressed that the United States “does not seek conflict with Iran.”

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