Is an air fryer as healthy as you think? – Will

First, the good news: An air fryer has more benefits to your health than its drawbacks.


The main reason people like air frying is that compared to frying, it reduces total calories.

Air fryers are also a time saver. “You can fry a chicken breast faster in a hot air fryer than in an oven, and cleanup is usually easier,” says health scientist Ariana Cukosa.

Another benefit: If you have picky eaters at home (I’m thinking of kids in particular), air frying is a great way to drizzle vegetables and make them tastier.

Finally, unlike deep frying, the smell of air frying is reduced.


One downside to an air fryer is that you can start to think, “That’s cool – I can eat fried food every day!”

“Although a low-fat, deep-fried diet sounds appealing, you lose out on the benefits of vegetable fats like avocado oil and olive oil,” says health scientist Ariana Cukuza.

Air frying also produces high temperatures in a very short time, making it easy to burn food. and charred food It could be carcinogenic.

sources): Cleveland Clinic
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