Is China recruiting Belgian fighter pilots?

Last year, it became known that China is actively recruiting former Western pilots to train its air force. French, British and German pilots have already left for Asia to teach. But the Belgian “top guns” also seem to be popular with the Chinese.

Why is this important?

Chinese fighter pilots, unlike Westerners, have little or no operational experience. On top of that, the Chinese military is undergoing major upgrades, so that pilots are suddenly forced to work with technology they have no knowledge of. So it is not surprising that the Chinese Air Force is looking abroad for pilot training. And that they can also take secrets from western aircraft and training tactics is of course a bonus.

Just a framing: China recruits pilots from various western countries as instructors.

  • In October last year, it became known that French and British helicopter and fighter pilots, who had left the Air Force, were suddenly on the payroll of the South African company Test Flying Academy of South Africa (TFASA). This company organizes test flights for the Air Force in various countries, and China is one of the largest customers.
  • Unveiled in early June 2023 DW This is also German g

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