Is Delft municipality financially healthy or not: check the answer here

Delft Municipality income

For starters, where does the money come from? Municipalities receive money from all sides, but the main source of income is the central government. This is where 65.3 percent of income in Delft comes from. The largest contribution from the government comes from the Municipal Fund. This amount is determined by all sorts of factors, such as population, young and old, low incomes, land and water surface, number of town and village centers. The municipality can largely decide for itself how to spend this money.


The municipality receives other income from benefits and taxes. The municipality also receives benefits from the government. This money goes directly to facilities for low-income people, such as social assistance and, for example, discounts on sports and museums.


Another form of income comes from municipal taxes. Of all the taxes paid by citizens, the municipality benefits the most from homeowners property taxes and waste levies. In Delft this is about 3.5 percent and 4 percent, respectivelyof tax revenue. Of course there are also other sources of income, such as proceeds from the sale of land, taxes for businesses and possibly savings.

Well, now you know where the money in Delft comes from, but is our municipality in good financial health? And what will this money be spent on? You will read that on the following pages.

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