It is already mistakenly raining nuclear weapons in a war zone

The end of the Warzone season appears to have started so early as countless nuclear weapons have been launched at Verdansk. The result is a bit ridiculous.

Players saw some crazy things happen yesterday War zone. Apparently, out of nowhere, the atomic bombs and nuclear bombs were flying around the ears, while there is no real reason this should happen in Warzone. Most likely, this is an employee of Raven Software who accidentally pressed the wrong red button!

It is raining now in the war zone

Atomic bombs are common in Privilege Call of DutyBut it’s the first time we’ve seen them on Warzone. In fact, it looks like we shouldn’t have seen it at all.

Since Activision’s online zombie shooter InjuredThere is talk of an in-game nuclear attack on the Verdansk region. Nuclear weapons will destroy the Warzone map, after which a new map will be introduced. But this is only planned in two weeks!

For now, some players have managed to capture the climax of the movie. Several missiles fly in the air as Russian voices begin to speak. On the other hand, nothing happens when rockets land. As you are in this movie See, it’s literally fading away.

In short, it is quite evident that Activision launched nuclear weapons in Warzone very early on. In all likelihood, this shouldn’t happen until the end of Season Two, on April 22nd. Until then, we pretend we don’t yet know what the end of the season will bring us! For completely unrelated reasons, I’ll actually be looking for a gas mask in my shelter …

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