Jaap Korteweg (The Vegetarian Butcher) on the science behind his success

    Every now and then we do a special episode with the Werkprofessor podcast, to test if what we’ve learned from all the scientists actually works in practice. This week, entrepreneur Jaap Korteweg had a guest. We test with him the factors of scientific success presented to us by our professors.

    He founded Jaap Korteweg De Vegetarische Slager, among other things, with only one goal: to become the greatest butcher in the world. And yes, selling to Unilever in 2018 corresponds to that. His new company, Those Vegan Cowboys, has the same ambitious goal of a vegan herbal milk, without cow’s, but with grass.

    success without knowing

    How did Jaap know in advance that De Vegatarian Slger would be successful? Not according to Gap, quite the contrary. It gave her a 10% chance of success and even that was optimistic. “I have no idea. But I really wanted to give it a try because I thought it was so important and because I gave it a chance to succeed. I had the options, and I had the resources and time to do it. I actually thought it was a duty.”

    Yap says that the drive and the great team he found were an important part of his success.

    Business and science

    In the episode, Gap looks back to the past and looks to the present and the future. He shares his experiences about his time at De Vegetarische Slager, gives tips and tricks on doing business and looks to the future in relation to his latest company “Those Botanic Companies”.

    He also compares his method to science. Curious about what Yap would say? Then check out the last episode!

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