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Roy Frederiks (Brede School), winner Elly van Kaathoven, Maurice Verdaat (VMG Fietshuis) and Patrick Straver (Shopkeepers Association)

Feldhoven – For the past month, everything in Feldhoven has been about health, positivity and exercise during ‘Feldhoven Healthy’. There was a lot of participation in the giveaway organized by the city center. The grand prize was an electric bike.

Veldhoven Healthy is an initiative of Brede School Veldhoven, part of Cordaad Welfare. The second edition was again a great success. The closing event was Healthy Fest on April 22 in Downtown.


As the center of the city of Veldhoven, the city center wants to be involved in what is going on in the village and also wants to contribute to making the city of Veldhoven healthier. That’s why, like last year, there was a great giveaway with great prizes. Six winners were selected from the enormous pool of flyers presented, who won an electric bike and various gift vouchers, presented by VMG Fietshuis, City Center and Intersport van den Broek.

Grand prize

The electric bike, presented by VMG Fietshuis Veldhoven & Eindhoven, was presented to the winner on Wednesday 24th May.

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