Jan Verheyen searches for cast for a Flemish teen movie …

With Red Sandra, spouses Jan Verheyen (57) and Lien Willaert (45) finished a movie together, which will be released in October. Christmas movie can be added: Bittersweet sixteen. Flemish teen movie, whose 15-year-old daughter Anna creates the script. The family is now looking for a young crew.

Daughter Anna wrote the script, father Jan Verhein takes care of the production and humor, and mother Leanne Willart puts a psyche in it and directs it. Their new movie Bittersweet sixteen It is a real family project. On Saturday they launched a casting call. We have dozens of major teenage roles. For that, we want real teenagers between 15 and 18 years old, not in their twenties, and then put on shorts, “says Jan Verhein. Meanwhile, more than three hundred films have been received. Those who pass can go on broadcasting. Direct over the Easter holidays. “

“The movie is going to be kind of a Flemish version I mean girls converted to. About how to survive in the humanities, about toxic relationships and bullying, getting along with a group, but about how you still want to be yourself, and about searching for a sexual identity. The story culminates in one character’s 16th birthday. It would be amazing. “

Showdown for my dad

It was Anna who came up with this idea when she and her father loved teen movies of the 80’s Breakfast club See. “She thinks you can see it was written by adults. I told her to do it herself if she could do it better.” When the script was completed, I was extremely proud. You give her that challenge and then she does really well. It is also confrontational. For me it will always be my seven-year-old daughter. But she wrote crystal clear things though. (Laugh) Where I thought: Well, I don’t have to explain this anymore. “

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Anna took her job as a writer very seriously. Verheyen has tested this. “The jokes have been deleted from me. (Laugh)II didn’t think this was so funnyShe said. I tried to change that with arguments or an agreement with Lien. Sometimes we succeeded, and sometimes we did not. “

The intention is to shoot in the summer, with the film showing in cinemas on Christmas. Although they still had to wait for support from the Flemish audiovisual fund. We really hope it does. A Flemish teen movie was only produced once: Mulberry moundBy Rob de Hurt. Although this was a nostalgic movie about Robbe’s youth in the 1950s, it is now a modern movie. It is a target group that lost the Flemish movie. How good is it to bring them to the movies again? “

Those who wish to participate can register via / inthepicture.com / bittersweetsixteen pages

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