Jasper Stoen, Jens Keocler and other riders respond to Nadal’s confession about cortisone use: ‘If the rules allowed it, there would be no debate’

Jasper Steuvin: ‘If the rules allowed it, there would be no debate’

Jasper Stuyven (30 – Trek Segafredo) is a man with an opinion, and so does about Nadal. “Every sport has its own rules,” according to Vlaams Brabanter. We don’t allow it, but they do. These are the rules of the sport. Compared to what we are allowed to do, it is of course not true. But you can’t compare sports.”


Stuyven calls human and horse. “If that were allowed with us, a lot of riders would still be riding during the classics, for example. You don’t like dropping a target you’ve been training for all winter. So don’t tell me there are mates who won’t be in this. If the rules allow, don’t Debate. I don’t think he’s even in the gray area. So we don’t have to say he shouldn’t. Whether he wants to do it is something he has to decide for himself, in consultation with his medical staff.”

But the conclusion explodes. Stuyven: “What a doping scandal in our context is allowed in its context.” (to rub)

Jens Keukler: “Food for Discussion”

For Jens Keukeleire (33-Ef Education Easy Post), Nadal’s story is already a topic. “The debate about comparability between sports has been going on for years,” West-Flemish says. “A football player who got injured the day before a grand slam final is going to play with a syringe. What do people say? Wow, that’s tough, it swallows pain. Acceptable because it’s an art sport.”

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Just like tennis, it is an artistic sport. “But let’s say it took five hours or more, you wouldn’t tell me he didn’t benefit from those injections,” Queclear puts his finger on the wound. “I myself have never been able to use it, because – fortunately – I became a professional too late. But everyone knows the stories of the past: it really does make a difference.”

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However, Keukeleire is relieved. “I am glad that this is not allowed in our sport, simply because it is unhealthy. I can imagine that Nadal will not be able to walk properly for a month, which means that it is not good for the body. But it remains bitter: as a cyclist, you are guilty of doping If you use it, and in another sport you are a champion with incredible pain. And that, for me, is something to discuss.”(to rub)

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