Jet2 adds more flights to bring Brits back from Rhodes

British travel company Jet2 said on Monday evening it would operate four extra flights to bring customers stranded by wildfires on the Greek island of Rhodes back to the UK.

Jet2 said return flights to Manchester, Leeds, Bradford and Birmingham would bring home around 800 people forced to evacuate hotels, adding extra services to 50 flights from Rhodes to the UK already scheduled this week.

The company said it is sending more staff to help customers who have left their holiday homes and are now staying at evacuation centers or waiting at the airport.

“We have significantly expanded our presence in Rhodes, with a large team of experienced colleagues providing every possible support to our customers,” Jet2 said in a statement on Monday.

A deputy minister says there are currently around 7,000-10,000 Britons in Rhodes, and airlines such as Jet2, TUI and easyJet are setting up additional services.

EasyJet will have two return flights on Monday and another flight on Tuesday, in addition to the regular departure schedule, and will monitor the need to add more flights.

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