Joe Exotic reveals prostate cancer: “My body is tired” | Famous

Joe Exotic says on social media that they are investigating the stage the cancer has reached. “My body is tired. I have lost a lot of pounds and my mouth is full of blisters,” says Tiger King’s face of his symptoms.

Joe Exotic doesn’t want pity, but what he can use is proof. Currently, the face of “Tiger King” is serving a sentence of over twenty years in prison. The entire system is corrupt and this bug now needs to be corrected. Then I can go home and get the medical care I need. “

This isn’t the first time that Joe Exotic has requested his release. He had previously hoped that former President Trump would pardon him, but in the end, nothing happened. Then, he sought help from his archenemy, Karol Baskin. Carroll and her husband Howard also said they would assist with Joe’s early release if he supported the Big Cat Public Safety Act. This law prohibits private ownership of large cats, such as tigers and lions. If Joe says, “I know I made a mistake, and I want help,” he might have a chance to get a pardon. And to be fair, in that case I’ll even pay for a reduced sentence, “

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