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According to the publisher, the movie contract has now been signed by all parties. The original version of the book (2005) alone has sold 400,000 copies, but the book has also been translated into several languages.

According to De Bezige Bij, many producers have been on the fence for some time, but Wieringa chose BALDR Film: “From conversations with the screenwriters, it became clear that they had smart and good ideas for translating the story into pictures; very motivating. The collaboration with director Sam is also de Jong also gives reason to hope for a film characterized by privacy, richness and luxury.”

great novel

Frank Huff of BALDR Film describes Joe Speedboot as “a massive novel and an ode to the imagination, the movie should get absolutely iconic.”

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Also on appeal there is no movie Joe Speed ​​Boat

Producer IJswater Films is definitely not allowed to film Joe Speedboot’s book by Tommy Wieringa. The Amsterdam Court of Appeal also ruled in favor of Wieringa and his publisher De Bezige Bij on appeal.

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