John Becklands: “African cycling does not make a bird spring”

Why shouldn’t we let his wife and daughter fly to Belgium?

Pinium Kirme left Belgium on Monday afternoon and returned to his wife and daughter in Eritrea. According to many cycling fans, that’s a shame. Understandable to every family.

Jan Bakelants, a teammate of Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert, also has mixed feelings. Sports-wise, Kirmy could have done a great service to himself and his team. On Twitter, Backland on Sunday invited his group of his daughter and wife to fly to Europe, and instead Kirme, takes the opposite course.

“His daughter and wife can come here for a week to race. And a rider has to reap the benefits of his best form. I say from experience when I say puzzle pieces don’t fit together every year.”

“When you want to be good on a certain date, it’s much easier mentally when something is added to your plan with a passion than you fit into the whole winter as a ride. Only super champions can do that.”

Jan Bakelants, on the other hand – a father himself – naturally understands the family environment.

“I have full respect for his choice, maybe it even shows his mental strength. He shows that he can stick to a plan, and that’s why we Flemish sometimes struggle.”

“If Wout van Aert decides not to ride in the Cyclo-cross World Championships, we do not understand it. But Wood says it does not fit into his plan and is now reaping the benefits.”

Management problems are also one of the reasons why European cycling teams still do not offer opportunities to African riders.

Eritrea: None of the journalists are welcome

Also, there is the international context. Both Europe and Eritrea have rules that must be taken into account by Phenium Kirme. Non-Europeans cannot travel in Europe without restrictions. And of course not their family.

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“It is not easy for Africans to take their wives and children to Europe,” says Backland. “I think Pinnacle will try this in the second half of the season. He now lives in San Marino, but it’s hard on visas and passports.”

It certainly does not help that the homeland of Phenium Kirmein is not the independent democracy we know in Europe.

For example, the VRT tried to send a journalist to Eritrea, where it recorded how Kirmey would be welcomed, but journalists were not welcomed in the dictatorship.

The rules are strict. For example, the best athletes have to return to their home country after three months abroad. That too would have played a role in the end of Kirmai.

“Management misery is also one of the reasons why European cycling teams sometimes do not give African riders a chance,” says John Backland. “You’ll never be sure you’ve get your rider somewhere in the beginning.”

A bird does not cause spring for African riders

No one is in doubt at the moment: Gent-Weveljemil Pinium Girmain Sprint is not the last we’ve seen from this 21-year-old top talent. The question is whether he will lead the way for many more Africans.

The proverb “A bird does not make a spring” is relevant here, “says John Backland.” The African riders have tried and progressed a little further. “

“Africa is at a major turning point and it’s early to say that it will capture the breadth of the race. This is something the Colombians did in the toughest mountain races.”

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“If you forget many Slovenes in it, honor and victories in difficult mountain conditions are often Colombian.”

African riders who can kick some values ​​now have a faster chance.

“This success can bring more attention to African cycling. Then that focus needs to be properly focused and the right people can benefit from that focus.”

“Perhaps in the future more value will be added to the performance of young Africans in smaller African tournaments.”

“If there are rumors about an African rider who can kick some values, the teams will quickly decide to give that rider a chance, despite the management issues.”

If Biniam Girmay can do it, it will be his biggest hit immediately.

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