Johnny Depp Celebrates His Success In Court: New TikTok Account With Friends ,000 58,000 Champagne And Already Has 3 Million Followers | Celebrities

CelebritiesAfter winning the court, Johnny Depp, 58, said, “The jury has given me back my freedom. Meanwhile, the American actor is enjoying his life to the fullest. Depp is now in Diktock. .

Now that the monster trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard (36) is finally over, Johnny Depp can enjoy his life again. We don’t need to tell the actor twice clearly. Last week, Deb was already on stage several times with his good friend Jeff Beck. In addition, Johnny Depp has created a TikTok account. As of Monday, his account already had 800,000 followers. Currently, the counter is three million. We’ll have to wait a while for Depp’s first video.

Also, Johnny Depp lives up to the reputation of being a Bon Vivant again. Last weekend, the actor fully rented one of the largest Indian restaurants in the UK. This is about a Varanasi restaurant in Birmingham, which usually seats 400 people. According to restaurant owner Mohammad Hussein, Debbie’s security team first went to the restaurant to see if the actor’s security and privacy could be respected.

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Account 58,000 euros

According to the restaurant manager, Deb was very affectionate with the staff. He took the time to chat with everyone. In total, the actor was there for about three hours. Later, the actor took home a ‘dog bag’. “We were very excited when we heard Johnny Depp was coming,” Hussein said. In addition to Johnny Depp, Jeff Beck was also present. There were about 20 to 22 people in total. However, the actor had rented the entire restaurant for his entourage. “They came in through a secret entrance, so they would not be noticed.”

Mohammad Hussain, the owner of the restaurant, describes Johnny Depp’s visit as a great experience. “My family and children were allowed to visit him. He was very humble and spent some time with us. He said something to everyone, and he hugged everyone. It was wonderful to meet him.

“They spent a little bit of money,” Hussein continued. “It’s a good size restaurant, but they never see the bill. He also gave big tips. In total, the actor would have spent around 50,000 50,000 (,000 58,000).” Johnny told me he had never eaten such a delicious curry. “

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