‘Johnson seizes Queen’s Jubilee to bid farewell to standards’

For many, it is primarily a symbolic policy, but for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, it is a matter of weight. It will be announced next week According to British media It indicates that the old imperial standard system has once again become the norm in the United Kingdom.

The British use a combination of their own system of measurement, which is also used by the United States, and the metric system, which is used by most of the world. They measure distance in feet and miles, and drink in pints. The metric system contains meters, liters and grams.

Over the years, the British have voluntarily switched to the metric system for many things. Since 2000 it has also become mandatory in the UK for retailers to use metric units for goods sold by weight. pounds or pounds for weight And the ounce Become kilograms and grams. It was not forbidden to include British units of measurement, but metric units became mandatory.

Platinum Anniversary

the reason? European Union regulations. This deeply affected the minds of long-time die-hard Britons. In 2019, Johnson already gave Brexit supporters new hope by promising that the imperial system would reclaim space. Measuring in pounds and ounces is an “old freedom” and a “new era of generosity and tolerance” will turn toward the individual’s own measurement system.

It appears that that era will begin on Friday, coinciding with the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the founding of Queen Elizabeth (just like the rest of the world, the British measure time in years). Last February was the actual anniversary, but there are celebrations throughout the year. June 2-5 highlight: A very long weekend to party.

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Shopkeepers are again given complete freedom to sell someone ten pounds of grits and cheese, for example, instead of kilograms. Weights may also continue to be specified in metres. So the British can simply continue to measure by two standards.

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