Jurgen Klopp sets straight record for Mohamed Salah’s future and captaincy at Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp has found no reason for Mohamed Salah to leave Liverpool as the Reds boss has cleared the controversy over his captaincy in the Midlands.

Salah was last seen in the Spanish publication A.S. Includes a range of topics Such as his interest in joining Barcelona or Real Madrid one day.

“We never know what will happen in the future,” Salah said He also expressed disappointment The captain’s armor was not provided for the recent Champions League draw with Midfield.

Instead, Trent Alexander-Arnold made his dream come true By avoiding his childhood club In Europe and Globe Moved on to clarify the situation, the right-winger said it was wrong on his part to offer the honor rave.

Instead, duty must have gone to Dvoக் ஓk, who rejected the claim that the Globe was rebelling Salah to move away from Anfield.

“I don’t know, we all like it, we can look for something else if you want, but the only reason to leave Liverpool Now it’s really weather, ”Klopp said.

“What other reason could there be? This is one of the biggest clubs in the world.

“We pay good money, maybe not much in the world, but we pay good, and we have an exciting stadium, with a legion of fans all over the world and great supporters.

“So our colors are red, which is the best color anyway, so what’s the reason? But you can not force people to stay, but that’s it.

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“We never did, it’s time for the right moments, things like that. We’ve made changes to bring in players, we can not stop them if someone wants to leave.

“I do not understand why anyone would want to go. When Moe answered the question, these clubs may be interested, but he did not reject it. Imagine that.

“Well, I’m different because you ask me about this and deals and things like that.

“But ask any player in the world who does not play for Barcelona or Real Madrid, and then ask them ‘Can you imagine playing for them one day?’ And [imagine] He will say ‘No, not for me, Spanish. They are great in Spain ‘.

“Why should he say that? The only thing he said was ‘we’ll see’.

“And about Liverpool, [a new contract] It is in the hands and materials of such a club. This is 100 percent true.

“It’s about talks and talking about the future and things like this, so it’s all good.

“You don’t have a lot to talk about openly, which is why we make a long story out of an interview.

“It’s absolutely fine, but it’s not very important to me. Mo is a very important player to me, frankly. But this story is not.”

Klopp said Origi should have been given the captaincy because he has been at the club for so long on the team that landed on the field in Denmark earlier this month.

The Reds manager added: “I’ve been a captain for a long time in my life and that’s what a job is because you don’t have a lot of benefits, a lot of work with all the things around you.

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“I didn’t realize or realize the importance of being a captain.

“Yeah, we have a captain like Hendo, it’s important, but being the captain of a game, I don’t realize how important it is to the players because in this world right now, everything is a big story.

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“I do not realize this is a big story for Trend.

“All four captains are very high. You do not need four, but Millie if Hando does not play, Virgil or Guinea if both do not play.

“If they can’t all play, it’s usually the longest guy at the club.

“It’s, in my understanding, how I saw it, Trend. I do not mean the life of a young, professional life.

“Someone told me it must have been Dvoக் ஓk ​​Origami, and it was my fault for not having loans and stuff like that.

“So I didn’t complicate it, I gave Ambon the trend.

“I talked to Moe after the game and when I realized it wasn’t working properly, I clarified it and he said it again in the interview so I had no problem.

“He’s disappointed. I did not do it on purpose. I did what I did.

The Reds manager said in an interview that he was pleased with what Salah said, adding that it was generating more than was needed.

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As the champions prepare to delight West Brom with 16 goals on Sunday in blister form, Globe said he did not anticipate the situation becoming an issue for the Egyptian superstar.

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“Moe’s motivation level is really high,” Klopp said. “He keeps himself in incredible form and works very hard around sessions.

“He does that kind of thing, first and foremost, and you have nothing to blame him for.

“So, he knows what he needs for that, and he knows he has a chance to break records if his teammates give him the ball in the right positions and things like that. There’s no doubt about it, so everything is fine.

“These kinds of interviews I just heard, you do a lot to be honest, it’s good, it’s totally good, but on a daily basis, we don’t realize it.

“Managing players in general is a challenge. They’m all human, you’re different, my players are not different. It’s a challenge in a good way, but it’s really my job.

“The thing with footballers is that they have to be very confident and then they can play better football.

“So being very confident makes you a special person. Not always so easy to deal with every day, but so far, no problem, I can not see anything in the future.”

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