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For a number of participants in the 52nd edition of Military Boekelo, it was quite a challenge on Wednesday. Five passengers from the UK were detained at customs on British soil and arrived in time for a veterinary examination.

“Since Brexit, it has become very difficult for English people to travel to mainland Europe with horses. It can sometimes take a very long time to check all the papers,” says Dirk Stoebe, who commented on the animal inspection on Wednesday afternoon.

After the last rider presented his horse, which he will ride on Thursday during the first part of the competition (the dressage test), five more participants were reported in the parking lot of Sportpark De Weeze. “Sorry, we’re too late,” Rosalind Kanter, listed as a two-horse entrant for this edition, apologized.

The three-member international jury, together with the so-called Technical Delegate and Stube, did not raise any fuss and did not strictly adhere to the order contained in the inspection list. “We’re so glad you did,” was the response.


Just as all groups received the required ‘yes’ from Stuip, who spoke on behalf of the judging panel. This means that the competition begins on Thursday with 114 groups. This is two times less than initially planned, because the organization did not hear any language or signal from contestant Julia Norman from Zimbabwe.

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This year the Netherlands is participating in Military Boekelo with eleven groups. Brabender Tim Lips, who has been leading the charge on behalf of the Dutch team recently, is missing this time.

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