King Charles was crowned for the second time

Great Britain managed to pull English flags out of the closet again today: the king Charles Because that’s one more time was crowned. As part of Royal Week Scotland Charles and Camilla went there for a second round.

Holy Red Week

This week is all about Holyrood Week, where Charles and Camilla can’t believe their luck in the North of England. For the English it’s called Holyrood Week, for Scotland it’s Royal Week – whatever you call it, there’s a lot of Royal Week. Pump and atmosphere At a show in Scotland this week.

Second Coronation

Last month, Scotland announced the happy news that King Charles and Queen Camilla will be crowned there for the second time. So the highlight of the week is today, The A supreme moment. During this coronation at St Giles Cathedral, the local crown jewels – or honors of Scotland – were presented to Charles. Yes, there was a big deal this time too – well, maybe a little quieter than Coronation Day, but it was a lot more comfortable. For example, a church service was held in Edinburgh and there were many special parades. This time the coronation was called a ‘service of dedication and thanksgiving’.


The day began in front of the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the official residence of the King of the United Kingdom in Scotland.

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The ‘serious’ part took place at Edinburgh Castle, where Charles and Camilla d Honors of Scotland (or Scottish regalia).

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‘ They did this in the presence of the so-called.People’s processionAround 100 people representing aspects of Scottish life.

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This was followed by a royal parade with the Royal Regiment of Scotland – the only Scottish line of infantry in the British Army. Well, if you have, why not go big?

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There was also an old acquaintance of the late Queen Elizabeth: Corporal Cruchan IV, the most adorable Shetland pony. Always.

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Also, this day was full of more festivities, popular headliners, music, spectators – and this time the streets were packed with bombs – and of course a lot of fanfare.

Source: NL Image/Brunopress, Archive Beau Monde | Image: NL Image/ Brunopress

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