Knutsford and Ender Judge HHH Show Leverton

England’s Mark Knutsford and Switzerland’s Thomas Ender will be refereeing the HHH show on November 4th and 5th. It will be held at WTC Expo Leverton for the first time this year.

Both judges were completely unaware of this performance by HollandHolsteinHerds (HHH). This spring, the duo judged the video judging of the Young Breeders Challenge, in which each jury member was responsible for three categories.

Mark is from Knutsford Cheshire and together with his wife Susan he owns Riverdane Holsteins milking 230 cows. They showed their cows at many shows in England and won many titles. This year he will judge clipping, showmanship and conformation at the Young Breeders Show on Friday. On Saturday he will groom the Holstein cows.

Chief Inspector Ender

Thomas Ender and his brother own Hellender Holsteins in Switzerland. Most of the 35 red and black Pied Hellender cows are regulars at the shows. In addition to his home business, Ender is a part-time Chief Analyst at Swiss Stud Book.

He has judged in many European countries and will now perform in the ring for the first time in the Netherlands. On his farm, Ender strives for balanced, regular and conformable cows with excellent udders. He also looks for it in the red and white cows he judges on the HHH show. On Friday, he judges the Red and White Jury for Young Breeders.

Toilet and presentation

Albertine Racer Balthe is responsible for judging toileting and presentation in junior classes. Together with her husband Gert-Jan and their two children, she runs the dairy farm ‘Het Dussinck’ at De Lutte in Overzell.

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He shaved animals for several European breeding companies and offered them at shows and auctions. He was involved with HHH-Young Breeders. He has also refereed several regional showmanship competitions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Slovenia.

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