Kosovo delays new rules on Serbian documents as blockade lifted

Kosovo is prepared to postpone the new rules on identity documents and license plates for Serbs by a month if the blockade imposed by the Serbs on the roads leading to the border crossings is lifted.

This is what Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti said Advertising on Twitter.

Kosovo authorities will no longer recognize Serbian identity documents at border crossings from Monday. According to the new rules, Serbs visiting Kosovo are required to exchange their identity documents and number plate with one from Kosovo.

On Sunday, the weather was turbulent all day long in northern Kosovo, where Serbs mainly live. Police eventually closed the two border crossings after Serb gunmen cut off the road to the border posts. Police said she was shot by unidentified people, but no injuries were reported.

According to the Kosovo government, the aim of the siege and shooting operations is to “destabilize Kosovo and threaten the peace and security of our citizens and our country.” “Several acts of aggression took place this afternoon and evening, with the encouragement and plans of the Belgrade authorities,” Kurti said in a statement.

Prime Minister Kurti, President Fjusa Usmani and a number of Deputy Prime Ministers met with US and European representatives in the country on Sunday. As a result, the Kosovo government has pledged to postpone the implementation of two decisions until September 1, 2022, once all barriers are removed by Monday, August 1, and full freedom of movement on all roads in northern Kosovo is fully restored.

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said in a speech earlier in the evening that the situation in Kosovo “wasn’t at all that difficult” for Serbia and Serbs living in Kosovo. “It just boiled over,” Vucic says. He added that “Serbia will win” if the Serbs were attacked.

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