KPN prepares to launch Viaplay on March 1

KPN is ready to launch Viaplay and offers customers an additional opportunity to watch Formula 1. The LIVE Grand Prix races in Viaplay can be watched temporarily on Viaplay Xtra via KPN TV 225 from March, this provides KPN customers with a Viaplay subscription with KPN an additional way to watch; Viaplay, live to TV, or simply channel 225 on TV. KPN is really putting all the lights in the green for the new Formula 1 season.

In addition to watching via the app, Viaplay will tentatively broadcast live Formula 1 matches over the weekend on KPN TV 225 Viaplay Xtra. “We are thus offering KPN customers with Viaplay an additional opportunity to watch Viaplay in the early months of the new Formula 1 season,” said Jochem de Jong, KPN Partnerships Manager. “On channel 225, in addition to the app or stream it on TV, TV viewers can also follow the matches live. The temporary channel will be available to all customers who have a subscription to KPN Viaplay.”

KPN was the first to make Free Viaplay Offer Known to new customers and also beneficial to existing customers. “The interest has been very high since then. Everything is now being prepared for the new customers so that their substitution is arranged in time, before the start of the new Formula 1 season. It is important to switch to KPN in time, because the first race will take place on March 20. Transformers watch The really fast ones are the entire F1 season for free with Viaplay,” says De Jong. “If you’re a little late, no problem, the free period only starts after activation.” Existing Internet and TV customers can easily add Viaplay to the MijnKPN app from March 1, giving them instant access to the app and can also watch live matches on Viaplay’s temporary channel Viaplay Xtra on their TV screens.

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KPN and Viaplay
At the end of last year, Viaplay and KPN announced a multi-year partnership, making Viaplay available to 3.6 million households in the Netherlands. Viaplay offers Dutch viewers a unique blend of premium live sports, Viaplay Originals, international films and series, and children’s content. It will support a wide range of devices and platforms Viaplay in the Netherlands, including Smart TVs; smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android; Chromecast and Apple TV; PC and Mac.

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About Viplay
The live streaming service Viaplay from Nordic Entertainment Group AB (Public) (NENT Group) is available in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the United States. Viaplay will be launched in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom in 2022, followed by Canada, Germany, Austria and Switzerland by the end of 2023. Viaplay operates streaming services, TV channels, radio stations and production companies, and its goal is to tell stories, touch lives and expand worlds. NENT Group is headquartered in Stockholm where it reaches the world and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (“NENT B”).

About KPN
KPN has been the leading provider of telecommunications and information technology services in the Netherlands for nearly 140 years. Every Dutch person uses KPN on a daily basis, directly or indirectly, from fiber-optic connections in the ground to ATMs in a shop or matrix signs above the highway. Through the Netherlands Network, in which KPN is investing continuously by installing fiber and deploying, for example, the new 5G mobile network, KPN serves consumers and business customers with telephony, data, television, Internet-of-things, and the cloud. Workplaces and safety. KPN has an open network on which other service providers also provide services. More information at

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