Lefebvre “not amused” after Father Evenepoel’s statements: “They must tune the violin evenly” | Cycling

The statements of Patrick Evenepoel, Remco’s father and agent, went in the wrong direction with Soudal Quick Step manager Patrick Lefebvre. “I don’t agree at all,” Sporza was firm.

Little nonsense“This is how Remco Evenepoel described the rumors of a switch to Ineos last week. “I have no reasons to be unhappy here.”

But in an interview in La Dernière Heure, Patrick Evenepoel questioned this. Remco’s father and agent cannot guarantee that the world champion will continue riding Soudal-Quick Step next season.

Uncertainty about the future of the Belgian cycling formation is a particular problem for Father Evenepoel. “The insinuations don’t stop,” he told Sporza. “This lack of clarity is very difficult.”

“I’m not amused,” is the clear response from team director Patrick Lefebvre. “Maybe the family should tune the violins evenly. Then Remco will get rid of all this nonsense, and so will we.”

“Patrick Evenepoel makes his son nervous the day before the World Cup. He denies the words his son said a week ago. Am I unpleasantly surprised? Yes, although there are few people who can surprise me. I actually have more things.” “I’ve taken hits in my life.”

The statements are disrespectful to Remco’s teammates.

Patrick Lefebvre

The fact that Patrick Evenepoel criticizes the team’s professionalism does not sit well with Lefebvre. “I don’t agree with him at all,” he says. “We just hired a dietitian from Jumbo-Visma.”

“We also have good doctors in the room and a good coach, because Remco is involved everywhere with Quinn Pilgrim. I think we also have good team leaders, because Remco has brought us Klaas Ludwijk at our expense in the World Cup experience…”

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“I could debunk his statements one by one. I don’t know if I want to deal with that.”

Another point of criticism: Is the team around Remco strong enough to compete for a Tour win next year? “Last year we rode the lead for 14 days in the Vuelta with 5 riders,” said Lefebvre.

“Mattia Cattaneo rides top five in Poland and wins the time trial. Ilan van Wilder was also very good. The Vuelta team is gaining strength. It’s not nice for these boys to read these things. The statements are very disrespectful to Remco’s teammates.”

“Wage increase? I would like to compare Remco’s contract with other top players.”

The truth is: Remco Evenepoel still has a contract with the Wolfpack through 2026. There is no small print that makes a switch possible. “All professional teams have the same contracts from the UCI,” Lefebvre confirms. “We just adjust the grade, rewards and history.”

Are Father Evenepoel’s statements an attempt to impose a salary increase? “You know I never talk about numbers. But I would like to put Remco’s contract on the table next to the contracts of other big players.”

“These statements are also upsetting to the sponsors. They agreed to a 5-year story about Remco. So they won’t be very happy when they read all this. Because this is global news now, right.”

In any case, Lefebvre had not been in contact with Father Evenepoel for some time. “I haven’t heard from him in a while. I have 29 passengers. I don’t speak to their manager daily or weekly.”

“Is there a problem with Remco’s manager also being his father? You don’t have to ask me that,” Lefebvre concludes.

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