Leuven in the last twenty European destinations

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Leuven is the only Belgian city and chosen destination. “The fact that Leuven has been put on the global travel media’s radar this year as one of the most attractive cities in Europe to visit and stay is a huge understatement,” says Dennis Vanvoort (Forwet), a member of the Leuven Tourism Council. “It also represents an important added value to improve awareness of our city among travelers around the world.”

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The EBD describes Leuven as “a radiant and committed city, focused on an inclusive future for all. Leuven is a city where anything seems possible.”

Other selected cities and regions are Amalfi Coast (Italy), Amiens (France), Athens (Greece), Bavaria (Germany), Clonakilty (Ireland), Crete (Greece), Graz (Austria), Istanbul (Turkey), Lahti (Finland) , Ljubljana (Slovenia), London (UK), Lucerne (Switzerland), Marbella (Spain), Nijmegen (Netherlands), Oradea (Romania), Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Prague (Czech Republic), Rome (Italy) and Vienna (Austria). Last year, the award went to Braga, Portugal.

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