Lieven Scheire clashes with critical bakers at baking tent: ‘I don’t believe everything in science’

Big visitors in the baking tent, because Jerome didn’t invite anyone other than Levin Sher. The third episode is devoted entirely to science, so Levin is the perfect man to judge the various baked goods.

As a first task, the bakers create a gray block brain consisting of red velvet cake and a cream cheese-flavored brain roll. When Levin makes his rounds in the tent to see if everything is going well, he is immediately presented with some critical thoughts about science…

As a masterpiece, the bakers create an invention in the cake. Fleur bakes an arrow so well, she likes to shoot it where things are bad. Paul has created an innovative waste processor with a respectable purpose. In short: a machine that turns dirt into raw materials. Tuur wants to be able to duplicate himself, so he can use his Tuur 2.0 in places he’d rather not be. And Emily, who chooses a hat with which she can fast forward time. Lila and Augustin each choose a means of transportation: Lila makes a green car, and Augustin chooses a train without tracks.

At the end of the episode, the jury will send one baker home again. Which bakers can keep dreaming of the final and who should leave the baking tent?

“Junior Bake Off Flanders”, every Saturday at 8:20pm on Play4 and GoPlay.

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