Lights out for an hour tonight for Earth Hour

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The lights of many buildings and monuments were briefly turned off on Saturday evening in various cities around the world. With ‘Earth Hour’, the WFF wants to highlight the fight against climate change. The goal: to make us think about our energy consumption and reduce our environmental footprint.

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For one hour, from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm, the lights of many buildings and monuments that are normally lit will be briefly extinguished. In Brussels, Michelin and Antwerp, among other places, people are taking part in “Earth Hour,” an action by the World Wide Fund for Nature to draw attention to climate change. The Grote Markt in Brussels, the Atomium, the Steen in Antwerp, and the Sint-Romboutstoren in Mechelen, among others, will remain in the dark for some time.

The goal of WFF is to get us to think about how we use energy and the impact of our lifestyle on the climate. In addition, he also wants to make sure that our footprint gets a lot smaller. Because March 26, 2022 is Belgium’s “Overshoot Day”, which means that our country has exhausted all its natural resources that the Earth can produce in one year. In other words: we would need more than four planets if all of humanity lived, as in Belgium. Last year’s World Overtaking Day fell on July 29th, so Belgium is way ahead of that.

earth hour in india

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Turn off the lights in Dubai at the Expo 2020 pavilion

Turn off the lights in Dubai at the Expo 2020 pavilion © EPA-EFE

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur © ISOPIX

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