Little Big Women is a beautiful movie, although the director sometimes makes an unnecessary bow to tenderness.

Who would have thought Netflix would be the guardian angel for a host of beautiful Taiwanese dramas that we might not have released otherwise? And then we think not only of ‘A Sun’ masterpiece with a trembling lower lip, but also of ‘Tigertail’, ‘Cities of Lost Things’, ‘Dear Ex’ and ‘Your Name Engraved Here’: all the finely cut gemstones beneath the surface The streaming service is waiting for you to dig it. Recently, another movie was added: “Little Big Women”, which is a nice movie that not only teaches us that sutras are performed during Taiwanese funerals (an idea to bury yourself?), But also that the taxis there have built-in karaoke. the system.

On her 70th birthday, he tells Lin, the main character, that her husband has passed away in the hospital. The icy indifference with which you respond to the message (‘Even after his death, he is still a burden on us!’), However, immediately indicates that there is more than one body in the closet, and it is so beautiful how the director Joseph Chen Chih-hsu Then he dragged you gently and patiently into the midst of sadness and resentment with Lynn, her three adult daughters, and Clementine, the granddaughter who didn’t even know she had a grandfather. It turns out the obese was a notorious cheat and adulterer who sometimes disappeared from their lives for several months: In the half-flashback, half-funny, half-agonizing, we not only see the rotten person trying to escape naked through the open window of the hotel room. He slips after Lin caught him between the sheets with a little girl, but also how the receptionist in the hallway stopped her: Was she willing to pay the bill? Ouch! Understandably, Lyn doesn’t want to pump a lot of money or energy into the funeral, but what her daughters don’t see is that she’s secretly doing something that many people sometimes do when they’ve just lost a member of their family: For a very short period of time she loses herself in magic. Thinking, she asks for his phone number again, perhaps in the vague hope that she will hear his voice again, but she does not hear more than “Please leave a message after the beep and press the pound sign when you hear” Repeat it. ”

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The fact that Little Big Women finally doesn’t reach the level of A Sun is that the director sometimes bends over congestion: Nothing is more fatal to the movie than the director trying to make his characters melancholy. Tangible by making them shed tears up close. But in several other scenes, the really sweet jasmine scent comes out in June’s movie Litte Big Women, much like when Lyn was in the backseat of a cab working on a karaoke set:, stupid daydream! The past may be a daydream, but pushing this gate is not always easy.

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