Little Britain in the Netherlands continues to appear in NPO Start | entertainment

NPO will talk to broadcasters about outdated software that is no longer enabled.

A spokesperson for the broadcaster said: “VPRO believes that there should be a careful discussion that should not be limited to one satirical program, so that you can then make a well-thought out choice.” “VPRO, together with NPO, is excited to enter this conversation with the makers, the public and the sector.”

“In irony, zooming in and using preconceptions and stereotypes is a stylistic tool that counterbalances the edge of the razor. Given the global call to combat institutional discrimination and racism, we also believe that some sketches of Little Britain are no longer relevant in today’s world.”

VPRO says it wants to “make a constructive contribution to thinking about social developments”.

“This leads to new insights, especially when it comes to our own programming. VPRO wants to investigate how we approach the audiovisual heritage, especially with regard to the genre of satire. This requires careful consideration, which cannot only be done in light of one satirical program. We answer the question of whether and how do we present legacy programs in a way that fits with the current zeitgeist in dialogue with program makers, other broadcasters and non-profit organizations. NPO wants to facilitate this conversation with all broadcasters. “

In recent days, debates have arisen in many countries about the content of various old films and series that are now perceived as discriminatory or racist.

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