Live Blog – Minister Vandenbruck: “AstraZeneca vaccine delivery uncertainty makes the vaccination campaign more difficult”

Health Minister Frank Vandenbroek (SPA) admits that the lack of clarity surrounding the delivery of AstraZeneca vaccines is making the vaccination campaign more difficult. “The vaccination campaign will not be in vain,” he says in Villa Politica.

Vandenbroucke notes that 247,000 people have received the first shot so far. “However, there is uncertainty about AstraZeneca vaccines, and this uncertainty affects the schedule.”

“If we get fewer vaccines, we will advance less quickly, and that is very bad news,” Vandenbroek says. But there is also good news: “The good news is that we will get more Pfizer vaccines from April to May.” Admittedly, things don’t look quite right from February to March.

Vandenbroucke supports the European Commission in its request for more visibility from AstraZeneca. “Hundreds of millions of subsidies and subsidies – people taxpayers’ money – matched by the demand to be clear.”

According to the Minister, there is not only uncertainty about the exact number of vaccines that AstraZeneca will offer, but also about the effectiveness of the vaccine in people over the age of 65. The specific intention is to give this vaccine to people over the age of 65 and people in primary health care. The effectiveness of the vaccine may be demonstrated tomorrow from the European Medicines Agency, which has not yet approved the vaccine.

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