Live – European Championship final – Chaos at Wembley Dozens of fans try to raise barriers after violent clashes before the match

20 × 47: Two hours before the kick-off, the April-April Utjerst reported that Diphosi had already taken the turn allotted to them in April to avoid being as violent as the three of them. Woljenz Siezers die de UEFA Sondak Heft Westrext, Jude 67,500 toes Dealnemen on de Final, Warrant 7,500 Italian, Prince Liezken Als Prince Williams, David Beckham, De Legendrich Gustal as actors.

20 Question 42: Fans were stranded in front of Wembley’s entrance, which may have been due to a technical glitch, and some came to the game. At the stadium, a journalist from The Telegraph said the disabled area had been invaded by fans.

20u23: In a statement, the company operating the Wembley campus admitted that an “incident” had taken place that required police intervention, but confirmed that no one had “entered the grounds” without a ticket.

20u 08: On Twitter, London police asked supporters not to come to Wembley if they did not have a ticket because “the area is very busy” and “we have officers to monitor the crowd and ensure the safety of the people”, he said. . However, the pictures below show the opposite:


20u02: Three Italian party members were arrested following a shout-out from English supporters. According to The Telegraph’s correspondent on Twitter, dozens of people were reported to have arrived through the security cordon trying to enter the stadium without tickets. In front of Wembley Stadium, people coming out of the pipeline entrance on Sunday turned into the usual avalanche of white and red flags. Questionable: 65,000 people will attend the Italy Angelity shockrre, but thousands of other supporters, who came to the party, without tickets to the finals, Francinefo said.

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7:48 PM: Dozens of fans try to enter Wembley Stadium without tickets as the final between England and Italy takes place. In the city, smoke jets caused a backlash from police. It was a bit hot in the suburbs of Wembley, with local fans trying to force a police garden into the stadium, either before the table or without showing tickets.

The size of London Stadium has been raised to 60,000 spectators, but it is clear that there will be many empty seats due to the health situation, and smart kids are telling themselves. According to several witnesses, several fans at the venue were able to enter Wembley and then appeared on the stands facing completely confused judges.

Although it was difficult to deploy people inside the stadium two hours after the game, dozens of police cars came as reinforcements around the stadium.

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