Locals fear goat stables are a “lower alternative” to goats

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Locals find goat stables dangerous when the member states of Gelderland decide to extend their goat coop, but with exceptions for goat farmers who “get stuck”.

A tour of council members through the Village and Landscape Bommelerwaard Foundation shows that 32 of them are in favor of granting a goat barn, a moratorium in the official language. Seven members of the state against, nine are awaiting discussion and the institution has not received any response from the other seven.

Looking very difficult

“Our conclusion is that the goat ban will be extended,” the foundation says. “However, various reactions seem to indicate that the allocation will be requested for specific cases of goat farmers who are stuck. In our opinion, this is a dangerous path. The trade-off between the interests of the entrepreneur and potential health damage is very difficult to achieve.”

“If the provincial executive soon has this freedom and considers a new expansion/establishment possible, the path to court will be taken after objection. The court must then decide whether the precautionary principle and assessment have been properly applied, the outcome of which is uncertain. “.

The cause of health problems is not clear

Therefore, the establishment prefers to see the goats stop completely and without the possibility of deviations until the cause of the health problems becomes clear. Gelderland County is investigating whether or not the moratorium should be maintained. To this end, two sessions have been held in recent weeks with various specialists who have informed Member States.

GGD, goat strippers, nature clubs, and interest groups from locals, among others, have all expressed their opinions on the subject. On June 30 there will be political deliberations and it must be clear in which direction things are going.

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Fear of alternative Boulder

Healthy & Fresh Horween and Rossum share the interests of Village and Landscape Bommelerwaard. This interest group is also concerned about the supposed harmful effects of goat pens on the health of the local population. “The only fear we have now is the emergence of a more salient variant: Do not expand provided there are compelling reasons,” this foundation expresses the fears.

“The county may make an exception in special cases, but it is not obligated to do so. The result is that local residents still have to initiate all kinds of measures to prove that health is more important than business interests.”

Therefore, the Foundation hopes that the endowment will continue without exceptions. “Because history shows that when it comes to health, citizens always draw the short straw. Is it about the health of the 288,538 direct residents (within a 2-kilometre radius) in Gelderland or the 115 goat farmers?”

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