Lock again, a small perspective: “Pay good attention to your health”

Because people have no vision or feel in control, Evers says, they suffer from “learned helplessness.” “As a result, they can become gloomy and hopeless, and in more serious cases, fall into depression. It is essential that you feel some control wherever you are. Being able to plan for your future is an essential part of that.”

Great effect of measures

So the professor advises people to take matters into their own hands as much as possible, at least in their lifetime. People tend to look at negative things, and are vigilant when danger threatens. According to Evers, it is important to deliver something positive in times of crisis.

“Try to pay extra attention to your health, it gives you a sense of control and helps a lot mentally and physically. Create a daily routine with healthy things or a work schedule with a consistent rhythm. Take care of others,” advises Evers. “Unfortunately, we know there are enough groups that really need help. Doing something for the other feels really good.”

What Evers also missed at the press conference was a discussion of the huge impact the actions had on people. “Like young parents with children, seniors in nursing homes, young adults, and entrepreneurs. You have to talk about it.”

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