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Lockheed Martin will help provide F16 training at the Romanian Training Centre. The company will also maintain combat aircraft provided by the Ministry of Defense for this purpose. Minister Kaisa Olungren signed this decree today in Madrid. The other signatures are from her Romanian counterpart, Angel Telfar, and Filippo Marchetti, Lockheed Martin’s senior regional executive. European Union defense ministers are in the Spanish capital for a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council.

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Angel Telfar (left), Kaisa Olongri and Filippo Marchetti (right)

The Netherlands has taken the initiative to set up an F-16 training center in Romania. The Netherlands, in cooperation with Denmark and with support from the United States, is responsible for coordinating European efforts for F-16 capabilities in Ukraine. The goal is to train Ukrainian pilots and technical personnel as well as pilots and their teams from NATO countries who transfer to US aircraft.

The training center in Romania is using the aircraft for the first time in a refresher course for designated F-16 trainers. This is followed by the training of Ukrainian pilots and NATO allies. Flying only in NATO airspace.

As a manufacturer, Lockheed Martin has experience maintaining the F-16 and providing training in other countries. The company performs the maintenance in cooperation with Romania and in accordance with the requirements of the Dutch military aviation and European aviation regulations.

F-16 training schedule

The Netherlands has already announced that it will supply the F-16 to Ukraine and is working on a plan to train the F-16. The first training courses have already started in the UK and Denmark.

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