London denies Russian warning against British flour …

Russia has fired “warning shots” at a British naval destroyer in the Black Sea, 40 kilometers off the coast of Moscow – annexed Crimea, the Defense Ministry said in Moscow on Wednesday. The United Kingdom has denied Russia’s allegations.

As for Moscow, the British ship HMS Defender had crossed the sea border. It departed from Cape Philand, eight miles south of Sevastopol, at a depth of two miles “in Russian regional waters,” the state news agency reported. Sputnik News Under the authority of the Ministry.

While Western military maneuvers were underway, the British warship was warned that violating “Russian territorial waters” would involve deadly force. But the warning did not work.

A Su-24 fighter jet then dropped some counterfeit bombs on the ship’s trajectory and a border patrol ship fired warning shots, forcing the guard to leave the ‘regional waters’. Whatever the ship does.

In the aftermath of the incident, the Russian Ministry of Defense called for a military annexation of the British Embassy in Moscow. Sputnik News.

The United Kingdom has denied Russia’s allegations. The British Ministry of Defense said “no warning shots were fired” at the destroyer.

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