London is all about films about Muslims this week

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The International Islamic Film Festival (MIFF) will take place in London from Thursday 30 May to Sunday 2 June. The aim of this film festival is to combat prejudice against Muslims and Islam. The Arab Film Festival will be held in Rotterdam on the same days.

MIFF festival director Sajid Varda says Islamophobia has been around for much longer than October 7, 2023. “When September 11 (2001) happened, I saw a huge shift in roles aimed at portraying Muslims as terrorists,” he told the site. The New Arab. “Muslim society and the Islamic faith have become something hated.”

For some Muslim screenwriters, it was difficult to pitch a story unless it had to do with terrorism or another negative trope about Islam. “It has been a challenge for Muslim actors not to audition for roles that portray Muslims in a bad light.”

In 2017, Varda founded UK Islam Film, an organization that aims to combat negative prejudices about Muslims and Islam in films. How do we showcase the beauty and creative talent of Muslim filmmakers? By focusing on our stories and narratives, and honoring filmmakers from other backgrounds who have created amazing cinematic stories about our faith community.

During the MIFF Festival, films from the United Kingdom, Morocco, Turkey, Jordan and Sudan will be screened. There is also the Palestinian film An OrangeFromJaffa.

And also in Rotterdam

It is held in Rotterdam in conjunction with the Islamic Film Festival in London Arab Film Festival place. This concerns, among other things, films Behind the mountains, Flight 404, My father didn’t die And the Palestinian film the teacher. Saturday is Palestinian Film Day.

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