Long lock hours? Donate your hair for a piece of hair

Selfie Tak of Atelier het Pruykenhuys in Rijsbergen creates hair pieces from real hair. These are for recreational purposes and for people with hair problems. The latter group particularly benefits from this: from cancer patients to people with hair disease or baldness for other reasons like stress.

“It’s very important for these people,” Sylvie told EditieNL. “Without doing poetry they are incomplete. It’s part of self-esteem. Some of these people don’t go out if they don’t have a proper poetry job, so that’s their identity.”


But in general there is a dearth of real hair that can be used for wigs. “Our biggest resource is the hardest to get, especially at the longest lengths,” Sylvie explains. “I help a lot of people between the ages of 15 and 55, especially young people who need long hair.”

Donating isn’t always enough. Especially now that the hairdressers are closed, that’s a problem. “If not donated, then sometimes a privilege has to be made: using synthetic hair, or a shorter haircut.”

But according to Selfie, it’s simply not in our culture. We want to keep everything we have to make ourselves beautiful. “You need a very good reason to give up this precious hair that matches your identity,” she explains.


As hair salons close, Sylvie is seeing more and more people with long hair. “And everyone says, Oh, I really want to go to the hairdresser. But with every centimeter longer, you can help more people with it,” Sylvie says.

That’s why she created #lockdownlokken. With this, the wig maker hopes to draw more attention to the fact that a lot of (perhaps unnecessarily) hair bundles will soon disappear in the trash. “You can also donate it! Don’t let this bunch of hair end up in the trash, but remember: am I going to the hairdresser now, or a little later, so that the set is useful?”

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Also dyed hair

Selfie wants to emphasize the welcome of all hair types. “People believe that colored, discolored or gray hair cannot be donated. Anything is possible with us!” Says. “Haarwensen doesn’t really need this, because children can’t tolerate it. But that means that wood is no longer offered to us.”

So if you have healthy hair, you can donate it from about 30 cm. “When it’s healthy and well-maintained, all textures and colors are welcome. We take bits of bunches and mix them up, so we need a lot of different hairs.”

And also quite a few donations: because in one piece of hair there are five or six groups of hair. “It really takes a lot to be able to make a great mix.”

Anyone who donates it to the studio will get paid for it. “Between 15 and 250 euros. But if I had to get it from abroad, that could go up to thousands of euros per hair group. It’s not possible. So the more growth from the Netherlands the better.”

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