Long queues at UK airports due to holiday crowds and cancellations

A British woman who had to wait 22 hours with her family before she finally flew from Gatwick to Barcelona described her stay at the airport as “hell” and “horrific”. The trip of the mother of a five-year-old has been postponed several times.

According to Sky News, Liverpool fans, who wanted to go to France from Dover for the Champions League final on Friday, were long overdue in Paris. BCC reported that it is also busy in Dover on Saturday, as well as at London’s St Pancras train station, where Eurostar departs for the European mainland.

According to Sky News, EasyJet and TUI have canceled the flights. Earlier reports by the news channel said more than 200 flights were canceled in the UK in the next 10 days, after the airline had to cancel an equal number of flights across Europe earlier this week due to IT problems. TUI reported that a “small number” of flights were canceled due to “various operational and supply issues”.

One affected by the cancellation due to IT issues at easyJet told the BBC that she missed her father’s funeral as a result. It was supposed to fly from Geneva to Bristol, but its flight was canceled minutes before departure on Thursday. She had to follow the funeral via Zoom.

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